1. Send Data to a PowerPivot Model

  2. Data Inspector - Functionality to truncate the destination and copy from source

  3. When loading data into tables using a data flow task, our company would like to add to the records a link back to the BIxPress database  ·  under review

  4. BI Documenter:Diagrammatical representation of SSIS packages (i.e. Control Flow and Data Flow etc.)  ·  completed

  5. I would like to be able to use Schema Inspector with a Parrallel Data Warehouse

  6. It would be great if Adobe Omniture API can be used as Data source in Task Factory  ·  completed

  7. Add the ability to perform unit/acceptance testing for Azure Data Factory to LegiTest

  8. LegiTest - Read data from mainframe, Hadoop, and SAP files for testing  ·  under review

  9. task factory: Data Validation import/export excel of regexp per column (business review)  ·  declined

  10. Include "Iteration" option within Data Flows that have been executed multiple times in the same execution.  ·  declined

  11. dbaXpress - Data Compare - Allow for flipping source and target

  12. Impact analysis and data lineage between microsoft sql server and qlik models

  13. Component: LegiTest Visual Studio Designer

  14. DOC xPress: Sort Solution Items Alphabetically in Data Dictionary

  15. BI xPress - Ability to automatically sync data between two environments based on some trigger.

  16. Impact Analysis to translate it to an excel document using the data set within the rs report

  17. E.R. Diagram with data type and keys (may provide an option to hide those detail per user need)

  18. Please add MS Project as a Data Source and Destination in Task Factory

  19. Add the ability to connect to an Azure Data Warehouse in Task Factory

  20. Task Factory: XML Output Destination - creating no xml file if no data comming

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