1. Task Factory: SalesForce Components - Add connection manager to query DataCloudCloudCompany object

  2. Task Factory SalesForce Source: Expand SOQL Query capability to include relationship queries

  3. BI Documenter: SSRS Data Sets -> create a link to shared data set (if shared data set used)  ·  completed

  4. Doc xPress: I would like to query lineage information in DocxPress metabase

  5. In LegiTest, please allow dynamic parameters which use a query to obtain the value.  ·  completed

  6. Allow parameters in Grid Comparison queries when enclosed in a CTE.

  7. DOCxPress: Display Code element when Query/CommandText does not contain SQL query

  8. Task Factory: SalesForce Source - sub-queries with multiple results

  9. Task Factory Destination: Allow TSQL-like queries

  10. Ability to cancel queries running in the Interactive Comparison

  11. Hyperlink SSRS Dataset Query Command Text stored procedure to object in Database

  12. BI Documenter ER-Diagram Editor allow for automatic generation of views or queries+

  13. Data Cleanse

  14. BIxPress Data Cleansing / Data Quality Framework  ·  under review

  15. Task Factory Source: Allow use of variable that holds entire query  ·  declined

  16. Task Factory: Source - Expand SOQL Query capability to include JOIN

  17. Expand Data Surf to include and graph external data systems objects.  ·  completed

  18. BI Documenter: SSRS Data Sets -> strange field list -> all fields in each data set  ·  completed

  19. The data conversion (component

  20. Data Surf

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